Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fellow Malaysians, we have had enough of Umno/BN rule for over 50 years. We need to have a change and we have to give it a try!

A good write-up which points out the problem. The whole problem is the UMNOputras want to continue with their dominance in power since after they 'robbed' the power from the then 1970s Alliance!

And many in the UMNOputras current leadership who are 52 years of age and below were only 12 years old in 1970; they have literally grown up seeing UMNO being the dominant party in total management of the country.

They may not know or choose to ignore the fact how the UMNO-MCA-MIC had joined hand to negotiate with the British for independence, and the posts of Minister of Trade, Finance were once held by MCA. The non-Malay population of about 50% at that time had resulted Chinese and Tamil schools had to be included as part of the national educational main stream. Its absurd to always hearing Mahathir and other UMNO leaders keep reminding the non-Malays on they must be grateful to UMNO for allowing the Chinese and Tamil school to be funded by the government! All lie; they manipulate history!

KOH KIM THENG There is no split between East and West Malaysia. So why need 1Malaysia ? Unlike East and West Pakistan, where East Pakistan has become Bangladesh. Let our politicians read Plato's Republic and they shall understand Democracy better. Unless our politicians are also philosophers, we are unlikely to have the Good government and the Good life.


'1Malaysia' can never replace the original 'Malaysia'

Richard Loh
May 21, 10

In order for Malaysia to become fully ai independent and developed country, all Malaysians must work together towards that goal. We got our independence from the British but instead of being truly independent and allowing the citizens to govern this country, we were just handed over by the British to another tyrannical master in the form and shape of Umno.

After over 52 years of the tyrannical Umno rule, we are getting from bad to worse. You may disagree and claim that we have progressed and yes, we have progress. No doubt that what we see as in the roads and highways, super tall buildings, air shows, Formula 1 etc is progress. But this type of progress can be achieved by anyone as long as there is money and money is what we have for now.

We, however, have not progressed as a nation in terms of the people's welfare, harmony among all the races, meritocracy and equality. We are so divided among the different races. There are miles separating the rich and the poor. Billions have been lost through corruption. There is suppression of truth and a total breakdown of the rule of law.

The frequently used terms of racism, Ketuanan Melayu and religion are destroying and tearing this country apart. How many times and how much longer are all of you going to be deceived by Umno/BN in that they are still the best and most capable to run this country. On face value, they look capable but in reality, what do we see of their performance?

The newest prime minister, groomed in the ways and styles of Umno's expired methodology of governing, has came out with another slogan of '1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now' and now after nine months it is more talks and no action. We still see racism rearing its ugly head through Utusan Malaysia, Biro Tata Negara and Umno'.

The people are the last ones in mind when the prices of consumer goods keep rising while pay checks remain stagnant. What kind of 'Performance now' do we anticipate from his slogan? It does not indicate very much and we still see the police, MACC and judiciary doing the bidding of their master Umno.

Previously, a few goodies thrown out by the prime ministers was good enough to satisfy the rakyat and they were happy to return back to Umno/BN. But then after winning back the voters and triumphing in election after election, they always went back to their racist, arrogant and corrupt ways of governing.

Now after the March 8, 2008 tsunami, Umno knows that a few goodies alone are not enough to satisfy the voters.

Malaysia must remain Malaysia and whatever we do to help Malaysians, we must always maintain the country's name called 'Malaysia'. If you sincerely want to unite all Malaysians and treat all as equal, you still can use the original 'Malaysia' to get it done - why do you want to bring another unwarranted name called '1Malaysia'?

Fellow Malaysians, we have had enough of Umno/BN rule for over 50 years. We need to have a change, for better or for worse and we have to give it a try. There is nothing to be afraid of - do we fear a new government with no experience will destroy the country?

Let me take you back to 52 years ago. If the British were to think like what you are thinking, would the British have given up their rule and handed over the country to Umno which at that time did not have any experience whatsoever in governing?