Friday, October 29, 2010

How could 3,793 students disappear after drawing in advance loans totaling RM4.9 million, and caused the PTPTN unable...........

Friday, October 29, 2010
When will all these financial scandals end?
Lim Mun Fah

Many people are wondering: How could there be so many scandals revealed by the Auditor-General Report every year? The problems do not lie in the shocking degree of the scandals, but why are these similar scandals repeating every year?

How could 16,013 of students allowed to draw RM2,378 in advance even though they did not apply loans from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)?

How could 3,793 students disappear after drawing in advance loans totaling RM4.9 million, and caused the PTPTN unable to collect the debts?

How could the Higher Education Ministry able to collect only RM1.51 billion of the RM3.19 billion debts with a recovery rate of less than 50%?

How could so many government departments and agencies not yet learn how to manage money even though they have ruled for decades? How could so many of them overspend, causing the accumulated overrun amount for a year to reach as high as RM4 billion?

Even more difficult to understand, with such a huge amount of cost overruns, shoddy works can actually still be found everywhere.

* Nutritious sardine sandwiches have been turned into buttered bread.
* An ordinary chair costs RM80 originally has become a luxurious chair costs RM415.
* Spanish mackerel, black pomfret and red snapper have been replaced with cheaper fishes while no investigation has been conducted and no refund is made.

Enough, enough, we have heard enough!

Never mind, never mind, we are numb!

Anyway, it has become an annual grand event like the Academic Awards as every year when the Auditor-General Report is released, the media will make a full coverage of the scandals.

Anyway, we will have to suffer a great shock and make criticism every year when the Auditor-General Report is released.

Anyway, the plot of the show is always similar, only the time and the leading characters will be different.

Anyway, the similar process will repeat itself every year and the atmosphere will resume deserted after the bustling noises.

What is the purpose of preparing the report if they only play up the issue to scare those who are involved in the scandals but do not take further action to prevent a repetition?

Very well, the government has actually taken actions. To prevent a recurrence of cost overruns, the Finance Ministry has made four recommendations while the Higher Education Ministry will take numerous improvement measures to enhance supervision and collection of debts.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has also said that a total of 13 investigation papers (KS), 14 preliminary investigation papers (KPA) and five examination and consultation (KPP) papers have been initiated following the release of the 2009 Auditor-General’s report.

I hope we can soon see corrupt officials and contractors who are responsible for the shoddy works being sacked and charged.

Since the scandals have been revealed, those who are responsible must then be punished. The people will be satisfied only if the scandals end in such a way! -

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Anonymous said...

Financial scandal will stop if BN fall.

Anonymous said...

Actually these Financial Scandals are meant to be !
Otherwise how would your children become filthy rich?
Anyway the curse of Allah on their families will always be there. God acts in mysterious ways. People know the consequences of possessing sial money !

Anonymous said...

the government is simply not interest to fight corruption because of cronism. Misappropriation is a crime and can also be punished under disciplinary proceedings and there is provision for surcharge. Make the person who approved the contract and who paid for the sum be criminally liable and be liable in tortious act. Then you will see auditor report will become more meaningful otherwise it is window dressing only

Diveman69 said...

All those Kertas Siasatan will just end up being stamped NFA by MACC. That's what will happen!!!! Why? Because some big shot, UMNO/BN warlord (Ketua Cawangan or Ketua Bahagian) is involved and is 'untouchable'!!!! You know it I know it heck everyone knows it. It's an open secret!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is mahathir keeping quiet?