Monday, October 3, 2011

新加坡人投诉电费贵 汽油下跌。。。但电费没有跌???

Opaisayjin Desu
Mr Tan, utility bills has gone up alot over past 3 years. The last time when someone queried the authority, they replied it is due to high oil price (Then was traded at more than $100 US per barrel)...when someone pointed out that our energy was generated by natural gas & not fuel, the authority came out with a strange & very Technical explanation and I guess myself & most do not understand what they talking about.
So now oil has been traded at around USD 76 per barrel, why our utility tariff still so high ?
Please speak for us. I don't trust any minister can or dare to speak for us in Parliament over this issue.
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Tan Kin Lian Hi Desu, can you write a paper containing the facts of this matter? I will help you to polish up the letter. You can send it to your member of parliament or find someone in Aljunid to send to Chen Show Mao.
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Opaisayjin Desu Thanks for the offer Mr Tan, I would be amazed if I'm the only one complaining about utility tariff , either Singaporean too rich or I'm too poor , :-).
However I'm puzzled why utility has gone up so much & no one make any noise whilst when SBS decided to increase bus fare by a tiny bit so much attention. This is sheer ridiculous to me, as the increase can amount to closed to $500 - $1000 per annum for average household wherereas bus fare increase is at most $50 per annum EST. Red herring or clever diversion of attention from the stare media plus government ? I don't know.
Let me correct, i should say i do not trust ministers can put up meaningful & effective for the people in Parliament. (Correct my earlier statement).
As to you offer of help plus additional info, well i may need time to gather...but whether i get back to u or not, main thing is utility is the same whether in China, Malaysia or Singapore much like Gold Bar. (Of course the way to generate differs, by coal,natural gas, nuclear,etc)...Main thing is WHY OUR UTILITY SO EXPENSIVE & strangely NO ONE SPEAK OUT over this very ESSENTIAL issue.

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