Thursday, October 11, 2012

burning people's monies

a bridge too far !

I'm sure you would have driven around Putrajaya and admired most of all the many splendorous monoliths, buildings and bridges. Bridges that linked one side of the lake to the other. Millions if not billions have been spent ! After-all it was one man's utopian dream to build mega-buildings using tax-payers money to leave a mark of his 22 years of ruthlessly dictatorship and in power.

Many a contractor became an over-night millionaire by being a part of this mega-project. Millions of tax-payers money were spent, to some foolishly to others as a need to keep up with the rest of the developed countries. Putrajaya  was even labelled a "white elephant" by critics and some even called it "Banglacity", perhaps referring to the hundreds of Bangladeshis who worked there and spent their off days roaming the almost deserted city. 

I must admit the architecture and spacious road planning is commendable, but what caught my eye is this bridge in the photos above. You will notice that this bridge has no road connected nor tarmac and ends abruptly with both sides hanging on air. It is ridiculous to think why on earth this bridge was even built in the first place. It does not"connect" to any side and thick under-growth on one side with huge cables dangling with no real purpose. 

Does anybody really cared if we have here an"abandoned" project by an absconded contractor ? I'm sure somebody has the answers or is answerable. Or maybe nobody cared because they were diverted to looked at all those other humongous buildings around or maybe, just maybe this huge bridge looked perfectly okay from a distance, no ?   

Now the question of why, who, what and how and it demands  answers. Who's accountable ? Tun Mahathir ?  Ain't that a shame ?


falling from bro to rogue...

Why would Soros' finance Global Perdana Peace Foundation, a body founded by this evil dictator Tun Mahathir who'd later send flotillas of medical aid and God knows what else, to the Palestinians, who would then throw stones at any given opportunity, at George Soros' own countrymen, the Israelites ? 

Soros is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative rogue or at least that was what we are lead to believe all these years by this Tun MahaFiruan. Sure, why not ? Soros is a private businessman with a keen Zionist-eye to reap profits, no ? And to succeed in business, you have to be one or both. Again he is a private businessman. He is allowed to do business with anyone anyway  he pleases with HIS own money, right ?

But what about our  infamous Tun, then a prime minister and a public figure ? Was he not pally-wally and with a scheme to manupilate this very Soros the businessman, before the Jew smelled a rat and got wiser ? And Soros went on to buy,buy, buy currencies all over the Asean region and bringing financial ruin to many countries ? It that what business was all about ? Can you blame him for being smarter then the Tun ? Surely anyone with such a shrewed eye for business will have much curses and enemies from all those who lost out to him, no ? 

And this former dictator and ex-premier was one of them sore losers who "gambled" and lost BUT with the rakyat's money. Now this MahaFiruan cannot redeem himself from his mistake but instead whines and hurls all sorts of lies and accusations at Soros, a man who turned out smarter and out-foxed the old racist and corrupt ex-premier who now has this to say...."A vote for the opposition is a vote for Soros, the rogue currency trader..( read all about it here )

Hahahahahahaha !