Tuesday, August 4, 2015

150805【Dear Friends】- Kibow's Principles - Vol.1921
- EN -
"People die. But death is not defeat." - Hemingway. When the body dies, the soul lives on and be handed over to the next generation. It's a precious way of living. There's no prosthetic for an amputated spirit. If we can make future wisdom in full bloom and walk on the road we opened by not compromising anything and standing firmly in convictions, it's a happiness even life ends in a tragedy.

- TC -
「人終有一日會死。但是死並不代表敗北。」 - 小說家,海明威。即使肉體滅亡,靈魂尚存,能夠傳承給下一個世代。這才是崇高的生存方式。沒有屈服的靈魂可用的義肢。為了貫徹絕不妥協的信念,即便我的生涯不遇而終,若是有後繼的年輕英知能夠循著我所開闢的道路前進,開花結果,那也是一種幸福。