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Maybe Tan had a personal interest to garner the support of his party, but in the end the majority of the members of the party disagreed with his claim,” he said on the allegation by Tan made at the Gerakan National Delegates Conference on October 19.
DBP man says Gerakan’s Tan should study about the Malay Archipelago first before making baseless claims.
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  • Lee Victor
  • Parl Singh Tan and myself come from the old school.Our time the history books were written by authors of higher standings.Today the present authors are distorting historical facts and the foundation is laid on facts which they want the students to know.You cannot distort historical facts.The DBP should be careful when pointing the fingure at Tan.Please at least respect his age.DBP must look at the history books written by the past authors whether local or foreigner.Malaysians must be hungry to know the real historical facts not the facts DBP wants the people to know.
  • Bruce Leong DBP can go on altering history and try desperately to shove their shiok sendiri newly discovered history to people. The masses just won't buy it. What we care is how Malaysians can rid off these crutch culture and corruptions deeply embedded in every level of society since Mahathir's era that has become daily affairs' daylight robberies .
  • William WL Loo Uncle Tan spoke eloquently, and with a genuine desire to unite n not offend. am not a fan of Gerakan but i welcome brave forward looking Malaysians.
  • Patrick Leong My history taught in government school had hang tuah, hang jebat, hang kesturi, puteri hang Li poh, and so many other's which the government themselves re moved, re wrote "new" scripts to benefit themselves. So D B P should just also shut up and learn up our Malaysian history at the same time.
  • Murni N Kids Lets change history....tembok besar negeri china dibina oleh TUN MAHATHIR....if u can chane the history...
  • Jake Away If history can change ...Mr Tan Is 100% correct
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  • Teik Lee I think DBP needs a lesson in history more than Tan.
  • Kee Hui Wong He is old enough to live that history. He doesn't need books written by people who just study it (if those young author did not distorted the actual history for political gain)
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  • Jeffery Seow Sigh. Not again? Malay Archipelago? What about East Indian Archipelago? How about Indonesian Archipelago - Nusantara? Or, the earlier Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara - Sanskrit words used during the Rajasa dynasty and therefore its sublines the Singhasari (Singosari) dynasty and Majapahit dynasty and whose founder's father was believed, by some to be divine? How far back did we want to go? Who needs lessons in what history? How many young people today really know of Parameswara and his connection with the Malaccan Sultanate, Singapore, Indonesia and India? I think history is a wonderful thing, but, if we are seriously interested in the history of a thing, then we need to truly study that, and by truly study I do not mean to just pick up one book and accept one author's opinion as truth or, worse, fact!
    • 叶叶叶 Well said. But majority just choose and pick.. talk and believe what they want to believe.
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    • Jothi Narayanan Gondwanaland was a super–continent that existed hundreds of millions of years ago. And the very oldest part of that continent later came to be called Rarh (“land of laterite soil”). That ancient land is now to be found within the Indian sub–continent, occupying an area mostly coextensive with the western part of West Bengal. With Rarh as the nucleus, civilization developed throughout Bengal, and the influence of Rarh spread to other lands as well. In this book the author tells this story. - Rarh The Cradle of Civilization by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. (This book tells the history of Human beings)
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    • Lee Victor
  • Mageswara Rao Subramaniam Can we call DBP for a debate on why they change the history books?? Or can we at least ask them why many Bahasa Malaysia word translated more to Indonesian tones?? Beda beda/ parkir/ etc. tak reti malu ka DBP dahlah u copy lagu negaraku takrAk Cukup malu ka lu??
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  • Chris Chin Talking about history, why did Malaysia suddenly erase all mentions of Hang Tuah and his friends from history books? Weren't the Mslays in Umno sometime ago very proud of the legacy of Hang Tuah and his other friends?
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  • Jake Away Hard fact to swallow ...being real and truthful is sickening....
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  • Ivan Yap DBP = Dewan BN Punya
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  • Wayne Wong Chi Yen Tan please leave Gerakan. I salute you for your bravery.
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  • Alset Alokin "He who controls the past controls the future. And he who controls the present controls the past." -george orwell. A big chunk of the world's history as we presently know it is a lie. Or distorted truth. That's why the govt wanna make sejarah compulsory pass in exams. They wanna whitewash the real truth and brainwash the youth. Simple recent fact like the malusian agreement 1963 and the 18/20 points also the wanna suppress and bleach off of the textbooks. Isn't this grand event the one that gave malusians their current identities?? Isn't it bloody obvious now?? The game they play??
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  • Chadrashagar Kandasamy There is no historical art affects found in any part of Malaysia which shows or proves the orgins are malays. Orang asli who inhibited this land were also orang kembara. This land is all occupied by pendatang. Pendatang pertama orang asli pendatang kedua ia lah malayu, cina, india, pendatang ketiga ia lah BN kaki rasuah , MCA pemberi rasuah, MIC orang tak tentu arah dan UMNO kaki rasuah racist yang dominasi ketiga tiga pendatang gila
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  • Ricky Chong History can change in malaysia. Mr Tan you should consider leaving. Your own members disagree with you statement.
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  • Michelle Khoo Hahaha learning history in MY is really fun coz if you don't like the subject you can anytime change it. So don't you think is fun?
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  • Fu Jin Why still hanging on with BN? Join Pakatan, chase your dreams and make Malaysia a better place for your next generations.
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  • Thomas Shoong Tan should leave Gerakan... not too late to correct yourself...
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  • Ryan Samuel first find out why the malays were hindus 400 years ago, that will solve all the fake dumno version of malay history
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  • Betty Kandavanam Which history book? The one that is rewritten to please one specimen.
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  • Tom Pereira Tan was right and I agree with him , I am certain that the whole BN and those who cannot accept his statement do not know history in its original context . Therefore I would recommend they start reading proper history books and not some Pak pandir BN books
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  • Rick Tan History or Cerita Dongeng is really up to you. The removal of Hang Tuah and other twist of facts is pure 'His'story manipulation and propaganda and not beneficial to the preservation of real events.
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  • Mike Leong errrrr....guys. where is hang tuah now?
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  • Joseph Gasis Why USA and Australia land of pendatang can thrive and become the most influential country on earth. I bet they dont tit for tat with their fellow countrymen. Well, not to a point where it affected the wellbeing of the nation. 
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  • Melton Kais Maybe umno need a lesson in the the true history of the federation of malaysia so that they stop behaving like a big bully whose commands all malaysians must obey.
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  • Grace Lee Where is Yap Ah Loy? Missing oredi?
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I read my son's Form I  History text book, talked about Melaka, and said:

The word Melaka is from Arab word ---Mulaqat

I think the writer is idiot, because when Parameswara found Melaka, it was a ulu-ulu( jungle area)....

This word "Mulaqat" means commercial center and place of meeting...............

have nothing done with Melaka...............

But The history book said yes........................

MELAKA IS FROM  MULAQAT.............................

NO SENSE, NO LOGIC......................................THIS IS MALAYSIA HISTORY BOOK.....

TAUGHT TO OUR KIDS............................


FROM "MEMALUKAN"........................

REALLY NO SENSE........................................

REALLY IDIOT FOR THIS FORM ONE HISTORY................................


WORST THAN RUSSIA K.......G.................................


Dari perkataan Arab ‘Mulaqat’ = tempat pertemuan / pusat perdagangan 

1471, Sultan Mahmud ke2 (Khilafah Uthmaniyah) ikat perjanjian dengan Sultan Mansur Shah.

Khilafah bantu Melaka dengan senjata, askar

Melaka jadi Pusat Dakwah