Thursday, January 20, 2011

Re-confirm your account--bank account......TIPU

Re-confirm your account details on file! PJIJEUUJEG‏

Sent: Thu 1/20/11 3:24 PM

We noticed several unsuccessful login attempts on your PublicBank online bank account. Therefore your account has been suspended as part of our security precaution. You are therefore required to re-confirm your account details on file with us in order to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the account.
This is a 2 step authentication process, which must be completed.

Confirm Your Details Here

Note: You are requested to have your mobile phone close to you

You will be requesed to enter a " Authentication Code" (PAC) in order to proceed with your account access.

You shall receive the " Authentication Code" (PAC) on your mobile phone during the step 2 of the account restoration process

You are advised to adhere strictly to the instructions provided in this email.

Thank you,


So many fake e-mail, TIPU, TIPU, TIPU......

Never give detail thru internet, e-mail, etc!

Never do that!