Saturday, December 13, 2014


1. 我就像一只趴玻璃上的苍蝇, 前途一片光明, 但没有出路.
(I'm just like a fly stop at the window, a bright view but cannot get out)

2. 钱不是问题, 问题是我没有钱.
(Money is not a problem, the problem is I have no money)

3. 一山不能容二虎, 除非是一公一母.
(One hill cannot have two tiger, unless is one male and one female)

4. 宁愿相信世上有鬼, 也不能相信男人那张嘴.
(Rather believe the world has ghost, also do not believe guys words)

5. 男人的谎言可骗女人一夜, 女人的谎言可以骗男人一世.
(Guys sweet talk may cheat a girls one night, but girls words may cheat the guys whole life)

6. 我和超人唯一的分别是,我把内裤穿在裤子里面.
(The only difference between I and Superman is I wear under inside while Superman wore  outside)

7. 我身在江湖, 江湖却没有关于我的传说. (KapSiao)
(I live in this historical society, but the history don't have my legend)

8. 水至清则无鱼, 人至贱则无敌, 人至贱则无友.
(don't know how to translate, haha)

9. 喝醉了我谁也不服, 我只要扶墙.
(After drunk, I who also don't care, I just want to hold wall)

10. 我不是随便的人, 但随便起来不是人.
(I'm not ordinary person, when I'm ordinary/normal conditition, I can be not human/person.

11. 骑白马的不一定是王子, 可能是唐僧.
(Ride white horse doesn't confirm is prince, can be also a "Tang monk")

12. 避孕的效果, 不成功, 便成人.
(Child prevention, if failed, then be human)

13. 生。容易, 活,容易,生活不容易.
(Life. Easy. Live. Easy. Life is not easy to live)

14. 带翅膀不一定是天使, 也可能是个: "鸟人"
(With wing/feather doesn't confirm is an angel, can be a "bird man")