Monday, June 27, 2016

bias---local no good

Calvin said... 

 Well, sometimes biases are difficult to correct. I have somehow accepted that this is just how the world works. I don't mean giving up as I will still try to overcome the biases but I just don't get myself all riled up over it. This does not apply to wine only but the more damaging one is to people. I work in Civil Engineering and you will find that Client prefer to pay a British Engineer 5 times the pay of a local Engineer simply because he is British. And he is simply doing the work where a local Engineer can easily do it and will do it better than him because the local Engineer understands local construction practice better. I can understand if the works are very specialised where locals may not have the experience but this applies to almost any works where Malaysians or Asians have better knowledge. Well, like wine, we still seems to have the mentality that Europeans/Americans are better. Same thing applies to watches, Swiss manufacturers will look down on Seiko but if you look closely at the quality of Seiko, you can see that Seiko has already surpasses a lot of so-called luxury Swiss brand.