Sunday, January 1, 2012

most terrible and horro malaysia-- 估计有八个警察和SB人员殴打其中一名学生导致该学生陷入昏迷,颧骨破碎,后来才苏醒。 有些学生声称一些记者尽管已经表明身份,却也遭警方殴打。

Student was alleged to be beaten by 8 Policeman!

It was a peaceful protest by 100 students in front of a university demanding for academic freedom until the Police and FRU came....

One of the students was beaten up by an estimated eight policeman and SB officers. He fell into a coma and suffered a broken cheekbone before gaining consciousness.

Some students have claimed that several journalists who showed their press passes were also beaten up by the police.

Najib pledge to give Malaysians the “best democracy in the world”?



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华团谴责警方暴力殴打学生 把责任推给受害者行为可耻