Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talks by Prof Jonathan Liu from Regent's College London on ENTREPRENUERSHIP on 26 Jan, 2012 (THURS) @ 3pm at AeU Main Campus.

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Subject: FW: Talks by Prof Jonathan Liu from Regent's College London on ENTREPRENUERSHIP on 26 Jan, 2012 (THURS) @ 3pm at AeU Main Campus.

Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:53:45 +0800

kehadapan sahabatku,

undangan ke seminar Prof Jonathan Liu demi memperkasakan ilmu perjuangan anda.

azman ching

Dear Sir/Madam/Tuan/Puan.

On behalf of Asia e University, it is my pleasure to invite you to a talk by Prof Jonathan Liu from Regent's College, London, on 26 January @3pm at Asia e University, No 4, Jalan Raja Sulaiman, KL.

Professor Jonathan Liu is the Professor of Accounting and Entreprenuership at The Regent College, London.

The summary of his talk is as follows:
The topic "Entrepreneurship at Times of Austerity"

> The changing environment of industries in times of austerity measures has created new challenges for governments and wannabe entrepreneurs. The term entrepreneur is often used freely to mean a businessman who has made good and there is an assumption that everyone wants therefore to be an entrepreneur. But is this view correct? Is it as easy as it sounds and can
anyone become an entrepreneur, or does it take more than just wanting?

Thetalk will commence with differentiating the businessman and an entrepreneur, and why it is important to understand the difference. The talk will center on the difference between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and show why governments in the west are spending vast amount of resources attempting to foster environments to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs. The talk will explore the relationship between creativity and innovation. It
will attempt to establish what role opportunity recognition plays in the creation of new entrepreneurs and explore the importance of the entrepreneurship process in generating new wealth. What of philanthropy and social entrepreneurs? The talk will examine what really constitutes entrepreneurial behaviour and the trade off associated with risk and return
in the context of countries and industries using empirical evidence where available. There is a myth in the study of entrepreneurship that the next generation of entrepreneurs are born in times of great hardship and difficulty, and with the impact of austerity coming into play, are we seeing the birth of a new generation of entrepreneurs?

You also welcomed to extend this invitation others who might be interested.

I appreciate your confirmation by 20/1 (Fri) at 5pm.

Thank you and best regard.