Monday, May 13, 2013

马来西亚严重 的 假选民 现象。。。。。国家腐败 舞弊。。。。。已经到了无可救药的地步

May, 12, 2013 - 10:27 am

Christina Liew: ‘I spoke to phantom voters, outsiders’

christina12By Melen Domi

KOTA KINABALU: Api Api Assembly-woman, Christina Liew has claimed that “phantom voters” and those not from within her constituency had voted in the just-concluded general election.
She said she personally spokes to some of them while others had told her party workers that they were residing outside the state capital and were voting there for the first time.

“They came from Inanam, Telipok, Kinarut and so on, which is clearly outside the constituency boundaries,” Christina (photo) told a thanksgiving dinner.

“I personally came across many of them during my early morning rounds to the polling stations, they were already lining up outside, even before the gate was opened.
“When I asked them, they told me they are from Pulau Gaya. When we looked at their identity card, their address stated Api Api Centre.

“…they were all addressed at Api Api Centre apartment and living at Pulau Gaya,” she claimed.
Christina claimed that her PKR division conducted a post-mortem and discovered some 3,000 of them.
“This, plus about 900 votes from the police and about 150 postal votes, means Barisan Nasional (BN) already had in its hands about 4,000 votes,” she charged.

Noting that she only managed to secure a few votes from both the police and postal votes, Liew said this showed how desperate the BN and its candidate was in wanting to secure the Api Api constituency, which she claimed she would have lost, had not for a high number of genuine voters who came out to cast their vote.

She also expressed concern over the remarks by her losing opponent Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai in the Chinese dailies, which quoted him as saying that he would be back and become a Minister again in five years.

Liew said this should serve as a strong warning for Api Api constituents that BN would double up its effort in the next election, to wrest back the constituency.

Noting that this reflected that Dr Yee has not accepted well his defeat, she urged those eligible voters who are currently living in Api Api constituency and not in favour of BN, to quickly change their address to the present one.

“They (voters) can change their address (where they want to vote) according to where they are currently staying in Api Api constituency.

“Because they are living in Api Api…we must stand together to prevent BN from using its dirty tactics in Api Api, which is expected to be more extreme in the next election,” she said.
She also disclosed that she is currently in the midst of setting up her service centre.

In the just-concluded election, Liew polled 5,853 votes to unseat Dr Yee, who managed 5,058 votes, by a majority of 795 votes.