Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nik Aziz recently issued a "fatwa" (edict) saying that Umno's struggle was based on "assabiyah" (racism). The Kelantan menteri besar claimed that by subscribing to this ideology, Umno had rejected God.

Since or from British colonialism,   Umno was really, truly  an "assabiyah" (racist) party. 

In fact, the Umno is one of the most dirty and dictatic racist party in the world. 

"Assabiyah party@ racist party “  is UMNO’s spirit and target. UMNO has  suppressed and oppressed  other groups, democracy fighthers, and many individuals.

Sure—umno is a totally racist party
Can any Malaysian irrespective of his race be a member of the party ? 
As a member of the party, is he/she free to contest to be president of the party ? 

If NO is the answer, it is a racist party. MIC indians only. MCA chinese only. UMNO malays only.

Mostly all assembly speeches by the umno  leaders sounds very racist.

Today, the racism and religious bigotry within UMNO is so entrenched, even component parties cannot get a word in (hence they became useless). 

Today, even in soccer, the people are rejecting racism. We reject the UMNO way.