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dictators will collapse..definitely

Patrick Lee Song Juan博客)于 2013年5月17日上午 8:48

The impending collapse of PAP and the Lee Dynasty....

Studying "The  March of Time" in Romans history, the great Empire conquered many parts of the old civilization, but in the end, it too perished into the annals of history only...We do remember the great Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony with the coquettish Queen of Egypt Cleopatra.

Singapore (S'pore) has been ruled by PAP for 52 years since 1959...It was not easy for PAP to build S'pore to this day. One man and his team did it and we citizens enjoyed the fruit of their labour then.

Nothing is permanent in life, as one old guard after another met their heavenly world, S'pore with founding old patriarch LKY and his new second generation of ministers transformed S'pore into a metropolitan city of the world..Life was still good and bearable.

Absolute rule has its evil and curse...When LKY started to pay himself and the ministers big bucks to run a small country like S'pore, where can they get most of the money but from the citizens' blood and sweat earnings??..Look at all the increases in our daily needs...HDB, ERP COL, MRT and GST..etc...

Every year billions are paid as salary to all ministers. So each year more increases of taxes on ERP..PUB.MRT.Transports and the basic consumers needs. So life of citizens are becoming tougher and tougher.

Yet  the govt privatised most of the essential services to the public viz S'pore Power , SMRT, etc and open our small country to the influx of 'indiscriminate' foreigners...That is where the big bucks flows in too...
PAP has come a long way in its 52 years of rule by the only power they know off and all are 'lesser mortals to them as one MP Charles Chong said.

With sole power comes the abuse and arrogance.. With so many high and mighty young punk scholars inducted into the new cohort of PAP elites...the country should be moving upwards but is moving downwards!!

Many of their policy changes affected the citizens tremendously, yet the govt of PAP never bate an eye-lid for consultation....until in GE of May 2011 when PAP crashed into a small defeat of Aljunied GRC and many of the PAP's elitists began to wake up from their slumber (literally..their balls all dropped!)...And we saw another two SMC fell subsequently....

So, S'pore needs an "inclusive society with core values" said LHL and open up the National Conversation...But before it takes flight..The Population White Paper (PWP) was read and approved in parliament to the great consternation of the wide population. These  triggered two protest in Hong Lim Park on the PWP.

The emotional charge sentiments of the citizens though only about 5000 people was clearly exhibited at the scene of the protest and worldwide coverage was reported.

PAP lost another round in its policy bulldozing tactics to the citizens...And all ministers scrambled into damage control and try hard to remedy their bloppers and dafts..A little too late ..

With the latest AIM saga..and another bulldozing into parliament after MND review, PAP has truly sunk to that abyss of the "black hole of Calcutta" And vehemently denied their wrong doing . PM LHL is so helpless to right the wrong and just leave it to the fall guy poor khaw Boon Wan (KBW) to moo moo his way on.. With Teo Ho Pin (THP) disgracefully defiant of his right handling of AIM as the 'King" of 14 Town Councils..

Let us human in this world, many are not that stupid as THP thinks..with his manipulation of AIM faulting WP on their FMSS...Another downside to PAP's hegemonic rule..

Time is the precursor to life's events and happenings...we can see that PAP is falling apart with all the third generation MPs and ministers making mistakes after mistakes. And it is really sickening for what we had admired the PAP of old..

It is the impending collapse of PAP and the Lee Dynasty with old patriarch weak and feeble moving into parliament with an aid to guide him..It really aches my heart seeing LKY from the public gallery..

The power, the glory, the strength that he helped build S'pore is gradually falling apart in the hands of his younger ministers...Many will be disheartened for a change is in the nothing is permanent in life...

PAP's impending collapse will be a premonition of  truth with old patriarch LKY becoming a legend...

S'pore will be ruled by a two party coalition government in time to come...

PAP will live their last sooner than later...

patrick lee song juan
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