Thursday, May 3, 2012


Teong Wha Ong 在 Szehoi Wong 的照片中被圈出来了。 — 还有Stanley Koh 和其他 46 个人
The world's top ten places you must see and experience before you die. No 1) K.L. Bersih Rally if you are lucky to catch it. No 2) China's Great Wall......
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    • Inka Bergman Thank Ypu Very Much, Szehoi ***
      And -
      there's one place that we cannot omit... -
      Our Soul - to visit IT as often as possible ~~~
      Have a Beautiful Time! :)
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    • Chin Yew Meng Ha..Ha..I am hiding at another end of this convoy ..:-) but both my wife son..and daugther are around this area ..hit badly by the Gas...ha..ha..!