Wednesday, March 23, 2011

马来西亚版“无间道”-----Beware! SNAP will leave PR and go to BN after the election? 当心!砂州选举后,砂劳越国民党或会离开民联加入国阵?

Beware! SNAP will leave PR and go to BN after the election?

According to Sarawak Report: BN (peninsular) had a secret deal with SNAP! SNAP’s initial job is to disrupt the opposition by demanding all the winnable seats, then SNAP will join BN!

...No wonder SNAP hastily announced to fill 16 candidates for opposition seats even though it has not reached any agreement with the other three Pakatan Rayat parties!


难怪砂州国民党还未和民联达成协议就在昨天匆匆的宣布要派16名候选人参选反对党的议席! more

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Thomson Lim ~ Jen 我也是这么认为。

Surprisingly, SNAP president (Edwin Dundang) has recently acquired much wealth and e has been promising prospective candidates that they will have a budget of RM300,000 to fight each constituency.

更让人奇怪的是,国民党主席(Edwin Dundang),以前是名油站员工而已(现在已...退休),突然买了一辆高级房车(Toyota Helix),而且还答应每位候选人都能得到RM300,000的预算来参选

According to the Sarawak Report, the above SMS is from BN insider in KL.

Another SMS is this:

"The Federal Government wants to use SNAP as an entry into Sarawak"

...Meaning, in view of Taib has ‘too much baggage’, they plan not only to retrieve these seats by using SNAP, but they are also planning for current members of the BN coalition to also jump ship after the election.

Lai Ee 根据《砂劳越报道》,以上的短信是由国阵内幕消息传出来的。



Another sms: “SNAP will leave PR and go to BN after the election.. they will do a deal with the other parties to make sure BN stays in power”

The SNAP candidates have all been handed RM 10,000 as a deposit and told that they will be receiving far more money during the election campaign

SNAP has been very demanding lately. They have gone from requesting that 3 seats be allocated to its candidates last year, to 10 then 28 and now 40 seats, which would squeeze the main rural opposition party.

Yp Chin 卖友求荣。

Lai Ee According to the report:
BN strategy is based to purchase a solution to its political problems by buying over SNAP and cheating the electorate into thinking it is voting for the opposition!

Yp Chin 除了利益还会有什么可言。


BN gonna inject massive financial support to can make SNAP the strongest opposition force so that it will win all the rural seats where Barisan support has collapsed!!