Thursday, March 10, 2011

the mamak dictator of bolehland

He has done irreparable damages to the country which may take generations to unwind. These damages include but not limited to:

1) responsible for large numbers of poor Malays (despite 40 years of NEP) & poor non-Malays even today despite the country's rich resources.

2) responsible for massive losses (in billions of RM) suffered by the country in MAS, Port Klang, forex trading, tin trading etc.

3) responsible for the sorry state of affairs (independence & professionalism)in the judiciary, police, MACC, AG Chambers.

4)responsible for RM52 out of RM54 billion (at IPO price) bumi equity that was allowed to be disposed for quick profit which has resulted in the 30% bumi equity being a contentious issue even today

5)Responsibe for & allowing the institutionalization of rampant corruption which has become an incurable disease

6)responsible for enriching selected UMNO Malays, cronies & family (e.g. Mahathir's billionaire son) at the expense of large number of poor rakyat.

7)Responsible for untold misery to the masses through "artifically inflated" car prices due to protection of Proton & AP beneficiaries.

8)Responsible for systematic discrimination & marginalization of the minority races (e.g. Indians, Chinese etc) through blatant abuse of Article 153 based not on reasonable proportion but of abnormal & obscene proportion.

9)Responsible for lopsided Agreements with the IPP & Tolled Road Operators coupled with obscene gas subsidy amounting to billions of RM to the IPP at the expense of the rakyat.

10) responsible for blatant abuse of executive power in the use of ISA on the opposition & peaceful dissent.