Monday, March 21, 2011

chgs--e-payment failure and dividen only send out by last Frieday---quite disappointed and contradict to promise of pay-before-CNY

Long awaited dividend from CHGS Scheme will be received by this week!

Just went to bank to update and found that no any dividend bank-in by CHGS.

Call up and ask.

The girl said due to high rejection of e-payment by banks, then have to return to old method--sending the cheque by post.

"We have posted the cheque by last Friday, probably, you will receive it by this week."

Oh, Ya,but last time promise will let all investors received the cheque before Chinese New Year(CNY) then became illusion???

Quite dislike the style of handling dividen and empty promise.

To check progress and annual report?

Go to website and find for prospectus, because CHGS will renew(update) every half-yearly. But.....wait.....

Wait....I can't find it???

Can SSM do something? Don't just spoon feed, find a solution that how investors at least can get a sheet of updated account and bloody comment from someone qualified.The trustee must also open his gold-mouth and drop some comments.

Registration with SSM is just procedure(nothing special but at least give a chance for SSM to prosecute any culprit that break and not follow the laws--but what laws???.....) ....and certain things have to be done...transparency and spot-check shall be done.

We need comment from SSM, too.

Governing investment scheme shall be prudent and counter-checking is utmost important.

We are not just put money and let them run.......we need to know the "whole picture"--if SSM and trustee and governing bodies are not getting clear pictures, then most investors are "blind investors" and plenty of risks ahead.

It is time of awakening and no more cover-up and "black-hand management", to have long-term secure investment(in sense of no cheating, no conning, prudent, honesty,not only yields and returns) is the basic requirement and what investors want. Short term gains doesn't guarantee anything.

Good news is all units have been taken and sold off.

Congratulations to Tan Sri LKY, but certain areas still not up to par.


Country Heights Grower Scheme (CHGS) is proud to announce the 4th year Nett Yield Payout, one of the highest returns of 12% p.a. This has amounted to a total payout of RM24million for this year.

We are pleased to inform you that Plentiful Gold-Class Berhad ("the Company") will be providing eNett Yield Payout to growers to be implemented in 2011. The eNett Yield Payout refers to the payment of annual Nett Yield payout by the company directly into the growers’ bank accounts.

One of the main objectives of implementing eNett Yield Payout is to promote greater efficiency of the payment system which is aligned to the national agenda of migrating to electronic payment.

1. Benefits of eNett Yield Payout

1.1. eNett Yield Payout provides faster access to your cash Nett Yield Payout, eliminates the inconvenience of having to deposit the Nett Yield Payout cheques and problems such as misplaced, lost or expired cheques and unauthorized deposit of Nett Yield Payout cheques.

2. Registration for eNett Yield Payout

2.1. Fill in the prescribed form attached together with this email and fax /email or mail to us the completed form. Our Fax no is 03-8945 4550.

3. Notification of eNett Yield Payout payment after registration

3.1. You are encouraged to provide in the prescribed form to our company your mobile phone number and email address, if any. This is to enable the Company to issue electronic notification to you either email or sms, at the discretion of the Company, once the Company has paid the cash Nett Yield Payout out of its account.

We look forward to a successful implementation of eNett Yield Payout through your active participation, and to serving you better as our valued growers. If you have any query relating to our eNett Yield Payout service, please do not hesitate to contact us at 03-8941 1888 or email us at

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

From The Management of Plentiful Gold-Class Bhd.

The e-mail just received:

Dear Sir,

Greetings from CHGS!

We thank you for your e-mail.

This year the management has made the decision of paying our growers via e-banking method. Besides ensuring that all our growers received their well deserved nett yield it is also environment friendly. We would like to be a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to preserving the greenery of our one and only earth.

However despite our efforts, was forced with unforeseen circumstances such as high rejection rate by the bank and technical issue, therefore for the time being we have no other choice but to revert to the cheque printing method.

The cheque has been sent out by post to your correspondence address on Monday this week, you shall be receiving your payment by this month.

We again apologize for the delay in payment to some of the growers arising from the above circumstances. Rest assured we will continue with our effort to made payment via e-banking as we sort out all the problems and look forward to a smoother and faster nett yield payment for future years.

On behalf of management, we sincerely apologized for any inconveniences caused.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

Customer Service