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Tun Mahathir regretted bringing UMNO to Sabah

Taken from: Malaysiakini (Joe Fernandez)

Dayakbaru comment:

Sabah main issue is illegal immigrants and the rights of the Dayak Kadazan Dusun Murut are not respected. Progress among the Dayak are slow comparatively speaking as the federal government are practicing the “divide and rule” approach to put Muslim UMNO as the government of Sabah.

Illegal immigrants are issued with Mykad

The Federal government practice the policy of turning a blind eye and even help to issue Mykad to this Muslim immigrants with the intention of holding to power in Sabah. In 1963 there are about 19,000 Muslim in Sabah but today there are close to 400,000 thousand with the influx of illegal immigrant from Philippines and Indonesia Muslim.

Sabah greatest fear

One day sooner than later, Sabah will be rule by the illegal immigrants. This is Sabahan greatest fear. There are many instances where the immigrant received better treatment then the Sabahan. All these are the “racial and religious” policy encourage by the Federal government. Effort to stop this influx of illegal immigrant is only the wishes of the Sabahan BUT not that of the Federal government. This is a political issue of many Sabahan.

Sabahan will need to sit and ponder over their future as the security and the future of Sabah is not assured with peace and the poor Dayak Kadazan Dusun and Murut are not getting better.

The same is happening in Sarawak - Mykad given to illegal immigrant

In Sarawak, many illrgal immigrants has also been given the Mykad for the same reason as in Sabah that is to get more vote for the Muslim government. Many of these immigrants has been issued with land titles and are registered voters in Sarawak.

The State government of Sabah and sarawak DO NOT have the power to solve this illegal immigrant problem. BN leaders in both States never brought this issue in Parliament. At what cost must we pay before this issue get out of hand on the ground.

Ngayau as a solution

Kalimantan Dayak solved the problem by going back to “Ngayau” to resist the transmigration policy of Jakarta to Kalimantan. Is this our only option in the near future?

The Malaysiakini article

Sabah opposition strongman Jeffrey Gapari Kitingan has denied that he made up comments that purportedly disparaged Sabah Umno.

Mahathir regretted bringing UMNO into Sabah

Jeffrey had claimed that former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had confided in him his regrets in bringing Umno to Sabah.

“(Sabah) deputy chief minister Yahya Hussin was not there with me and Mahathir,” said Jeffrey, who chairs the Common Interest Group Malaysia (CigMa) non-governmental organisation.

“So, how can he say that I was attributing things to Mahathir that he did not say about Umno coming to Sabah?” he told Malaysiakini on the sidelines of the Kota Kinabalu PKR division annual general meeting.

UMNO Sabah denied the story

Yahya, who is also Sabah Umno liaison secretary, was reported to have said it was impossible that Mahathir could have regretted bringing Umno to Sabah, given Mahathir was himself the architect of the move.

Mahathir, according to Jeffrey, made the confession after the latter was released from detention under the Internal Security Act in 1994, just after his elder brother, Chief Minister Joseph Pairin Kitingan, had called for snap state elections.

“It does not mean that just because Mahathir was the one who brought Umno to Sabah, he could not regret his action.”

“He looked me in the eyes and told me with a straight face that he regretted it,” Jeffrey insisted.

Sabah UMNO leaders are self serving and do not care for the people

He reiterated that Mahathir’s purported regret was based on his observation that “Sabah Umno leaders cared only for themselves and not the party or the people”.

Jeffrey said he is willing to partly concede, however, perhaps Mahathir was “insincere and just meant to smooth ruffled feathers in Sabah.”

Malaya leader do not care for Sabah

Mahathir himself, said Jeffrey, “like many Peninsular Malaysian leaders”, does not care about the people of Sabah.

The intention behind Umno’s entry into Sabah was to further erode the autonomy of the state in favour of Peninsula Malaysia “and to make up for the forecast loss of Parliament seats in Peninsular Malaysia”, he claimed.

Sabah cannot pull out of Malaysia – Malaysia will lose its pride

To his suggestion that Umno pull out from Sabah, Jeffrey said Mahathir told him that this was not possible on account of “maruah” (pride).

“Yet when it suits him, he has been willing to swallow his pride and eat humble pie,” said Jeffrey, pointing to the readmission of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) into BN after claiming the doors to the former had been closed and that the “keys” had been “thrown away”.

‘Umno compromises Sabah security’

The people of Sabah should dissociate themselves from Umno and send it “back to Peninsular Malaysia,” said Jeffrey, since Mahathir and his successors have not been willing to voluntarily pull the party out from the state.

Umno’s presence in the state, he claimed further, compromises its security and autonomy as pledged under the 1963 Malaysia Agreement.

Illegal immigrants are on the electoral role

“It’s an open secret that illegal immigrants are on the electoral rolls and have joined Umno as members,” charged Jeffrey.

“Where does that leave the people of Sabah? Where’s the security promised us by the Malaysia Agreement?”

While the opposition is the only means by which Umno can be removed from Sabah, Jeffrey said he recognises this will be no easy task.

UMNO Sabah will collapse without Pairin support

He noted, however, the role of his very own brother – Pairin, who is also PBS president – as the sole pillar propping up Umno in the state.

“The day Pairin leaves the scene or withdraws support for Umno, the party will collapse in Sabah like a house of cards,” said Jeffrey.

“That’s why Mahathir re-admitted PBS into the BN – to make use of Pairin to prop up Umno in Sabah.”


In Sarawak is Jabu playing the role of Pairin – giving a face for dayak representation but actually Jabu is not representing Dayak interest?

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