Wednesday, June 29, 2011

supports free and fair election。。。。。。。。ALL MALAYSIANS ‘ DREAM。。。。。A MUST FOR ALL。。。BASIC RIGHT OF ALL MALAYSIANS

TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2011

SAPP supports free and fair election

KOTA KINABALU, June 27, 2011: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Youth strongly support the efforts of Bersih on their 8 demands which should be acknowledged and respected.
It's Youth Leader, Edward Dagul said that it is the constitutional right of every Malaysian to voice his or her opinion, irrespective of the political inclinations.

"The 8 demands by Bersih should be respected and supported and if the voice is unheard, then the natural tendency of grouping takes over. The voices of the rakyat in wanting a free and fair election should not be stifled.

In the Bersih set up, the steering committee members have continuously stated that they are apolitical. Haris Ibrahim was quoted as saying, "We say again and again, Bersih is not pro-Pakatan Rakyat.. Neither are we anti-Barisan Nasional. We are pro-reform."

Edward emphasized that the image of a stronger, independent EC would only help to boost Malaysia's standing as being a proponent to fair, transparent and just governance. The demands by Bersih are similar to the 8 points declaration by the Party especially…"that the government shall be of the people and based on Good Governance and Civil Society."

"It is common knowledge to many that the current electoral system is riddled with faults to the extent of being biased to the government. The political gerrymandering of boundaries over the years, as well as the much talked continued presence of phantom voters within the electoral list are but a few of such examples in Sabah. Therefore, the demands by the Bersih organizers are justified and their proactive approach should be commended in making the country a more respected nation.

"Many have complained of the Election's Commission bias and our own experiences in Batu Sapi as well as the recently concluded Sarawak State elections are testament to this. SAPP has made numerous reports of election offences and other irregularities with the Election Commission but unfortunately, till now, no action has been taken.
Posted by JOE at 3:17 AM

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Best4rakyat said...
TQ my most respected regards to Joe, and Edward Dagul SAPP Youth for voicing out this clear stand supporting Bersih2.0 "clean and fair election" demands to SPR.

I'm just an ordinary malaysian but definitely stand up and hold my hands firm to support the demands and JUL09 rally by Bersih2.0 specially so amaze to salute this malaysian lady, Ambiga S who is leading the rally with determination.

Our brave men should be persuaded too to give her always their ultimate support,strengthened her faith for goodness of our future malaysian whether in politics or social arena.

Come on all gentlemen and also calling SAPP women it is time and also in history whereby this brave lady need you most spiritually or physically to stand for justice and democracy.

Not like some of leaders (not acceptable as men or gentlemen)who have thought to be very political but trying their cunning and crooked tactics to stop her.Wrongly accuse her by linking with politics or foreign agents as all are nonsense.We can see with wisdom for they are not the good leaders to safeguard rakyat's right thus cannot be respect as man to lead even in family with responsibility,agree?

Once again I am calling you if yet to do so to be with us and walk us through together with
Ambiga S giving her your strong lift at best effort to show justice as said with 'guts'.Women you have not less reason than any man even the socalled leader to render your strong support in united strength to Bersih2.0 in current society.

Those talks about equal role of female participation by talk cannot be proven for their wrongful accusation of good intent.

All is non-political and trust we are there on JUL09 because we want to really behave as good citizens who care for our future and nation.No force evil force can fail us in good faith!
June 28, 2011 10:03 AM

Anonymous said...
No man is so superior or having pride by telling off a brave lady to challenge him with gut in politics.
Bersih2.0 mission is clear and we shall see the non-political change or rather a good political change for the wrongly accused by misleading men who instead shall make be behind in supporting the good course!
This is an eye opening lesson for many of us to learn between good and evil.
June 28, 2011 10:15 AM

YellowRoyalRight said...
SAPP,Joe and fellow men,
Start your walk and change anything to yellow in your webpage,facebook and twitter as symbolic to support Bersih2.0 in action now immediately!
Thank you and pass on the message.
June 29, 2011 3:25 PM