Monday, November 15, 2010


Persu Hybrid
Indulge yourself, consume less

The Persu Hybrid concept is a new class of vehicle for the urbanation of America and the most compelling and enjoyable way to join the new "Urban Nation." And what better way to join than driving an Urban Life Vehicle (ULV).

This is a vehicle with standout design and scintillating performance that is equally at home in the carpool lane as it is carving through your favorite country road. It's as appropriate parked in front of a trendy restaurant as it is in front of your home.

The Persu Hybrid is a revolutionary, two-passenger, fully enclosed, tilting three-wheel vehicle that incorporates a full complement of unique, patented technology and the most proven components available. With a level of expectation for daily use, this unique vehicle can corner like a high performance sports car, providing one of the most exhilarating and unique driving experiences possible.

The superb handling characteristics of the Persu Hybrid are made possible by a patented tilting technology, Vehicle Control system or DVC™ that utilizes a combination of hydraulic and mechanical technologies, providing high reliability, quick response, and a remarkably natural driving experience.

The Persu Hybrid combines a slippery drag coefficient (cd), reduced material weight and a hybrid propulsion system, with plug-in capability that enables it to:

• Accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 6 seconds
• Reach top speeds of approximately 100 mph
• Achieve fuel economy of 75 + miles per gallon
• Provide an all electric range of at least 20 miles
• Provide a total driving range at least 400 miles on a six-gallon tank of gas

All this performance and efficiently is being designed to be sold at a very affordable price.

The Persu Hybrid is replete with a full complement of unique patented technology, proven components, and a level of security that balances its great design proportions. The result is a ULV that is brilliant to drive, inexpensive to operate and completely appropriate in today's environment.

For a video demonstration on how the Persu Hybrid's tilting technology works, please click the BBC Top Gear video featuring the Carver (the same technology licensed by Persu Mobility) and broadcast on the Discovery Channel in the U.S. and internationally.

The tilting technology, as demonstrated in this video, makes three-wheel vehicles commercially viable for the first time ever by solving the stability issue inherent in non-tilting three wheel vehicles. The advantage of three-wheel vehicles is that they are lighter weight, use less materials and smaller batteries, and are more aerodynamic.