Monday, November 1, 2010

We 'fight' and cast our right VOTE for a quality of life for all in EQUALITY.

Is the Darken Road ending in a Cul-de-Sac?
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, 01 November 2010 at 07:55

"A darken road has no bearing." To beat 'adieu' is a total lost even before one gets started. To stay and fight on with too many uncertainties is like shooting a six-shooter at a Russian tank!

Nevertheless PAP is a 'wear and tear' Russian tank now with fatigue metal parts to be 'explored' at the right moment!!

JBJ was a classic example of a one-man crusade against the Russian tank and initially vanquished the PAP at Anson and made the first MP of the opposition.

The rest was History until JBJ became a victim to be annihilated with all sort of lawsuits one after the other till was spent and bankrupted. He lost his MP seat. He died a fighter.

May not be able to say much about RP party with son KJ at the helm now. We shall see the unfolding of a Shakespearean "Macbeth"

Subsequent years of 'political extermination' of good and strong individual opposition candidates saw a decline of the will of people and PAP has never looked back.

This coming election will be the 'grandmother' of all elections. My prediction is PAP will lose at least two GRCs and another 3 SMC (excluding PP and Hougang).

An awakening is in great exigency.

We as citizens of S'pore are to brave for that change or we shall be forever under the totalitarian rule of the capitalist elites of a minority over the oppressed majority.

We 'fight' and cast our right VOTE for a quality of life for all in EQUALITY.

Let us exercise our WISDOM of choice NOW !!!

Legend: JBJ---J B Jeyaretnam

KJ - Kenneth Jeyaretnam

PP - Potong Pasir

PAP - Pay and Pay

BY:patrick lee song juan 

(Reproduced from my own comment on Bryan Ti's link on saying