Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Fong Ming on March 23, 2010 said:
Ugh, another foreigner espousing blind praise of the autocrat Lee Kuan Yew.

Why not you become a citizen, I’m sure its very easy for you.

singaporeans are suffer, tension, life is hard.......po gao yong.....tak cukup wang.....hidup susah, tekanan banyak...


History has shown that no democratialy elected goverment has been ruling for over a hundred years or even a hundred year so unless the pap is the first party to break that record they are alreadry middle aged they have ruled us for slightly over fifty year so unless they are the record breaker well then they would not last long enough for another fifty years.


Singaporean Too on March 31, 2010 said:
Stop telling us to live in a well. Prosperity, peace AND freedom is provided in most other 1st world nations.

Comments like yours might have worked 20 years ago when the completely govt owned and controlled newspapers were the only source of information for the people, but not today in the age of the Internet.

Lee Kuan Yew is a dictator running a 1st world country like a 3rd world country. Stop giving him excuses for his nonsense, he’s even called Singaporeans stupid and gotten away with it.


MHMI on May 23, 2010 said:
It seems that some Singaporeans here have lived a “voluntary-torture” life.

Remember always that leaders have the power to direct, we have the power to choose.


BUT it’s time to go and he should have a LONG time back. Step down graciously. Would you be equally all right if say, Brown, Thatcher, Blair and now Cameron continue to be in power long after their time? Or if you are Aussie, mate, you reckon you like J.Howard to be Minister Mentor? I don’t suppose so. SO don’t profess to tell me what I ought to be proud of.

There’s just something incredibly sad when someone like LKY holds on to power and control and seemingly unable to let go. I am suddenly thinking of Mugabe, Castro and all those dictators who simply love to be in control. Singaporeans (perhaps not all) hold LKY as some sort of god-like entity and no bad word ought to be ever thrown in his face. He’s human and like everyone else flawed. He “beat” communism but let’s not gloss over the way he treated his opponents back then. When the time comes for him to go, go with dignity. Mr LKY, I shed no tears for you.


LKY is not a saint and we don’t need to be ruled by strongmen. Yes, he did transform Singapore from a poverty-infested hellhole into a First World country, but we are not done yet. We are not yet a liberal democracy and we don’t have press freedom and freedom of speech, and poverty can still be seen around us and in 2008, many, many people were affected by rising food prices. Such things will happen again.
Majulah Singapura.



most singaporeans live a life of work work and work. All our hardearned salaries get cut by taxes and CPF which the government use as a capital to earn more money like for instance the latest casino @sentosa. What do we really get? Singaporeans have to pay a $100 entry fee to go into a building built using their HARD EARNED MONEY. Everything is so expensive these days and our pays are hardly rising. An average joe which is not married can hardly survive on a $2,000 paycheck.

Here are some examples why Singapore is expensive. Petrol costs about SGD$1.30/Litre in the US while it costs about SGD$2/Litre in Singapore. In Singapore, the costs of cars is highly inflated. A ferrari that costs $1,200,000 in Singapore only costs $240, 000 in US/Britain. On top of that, cars in Singapore have to purchase a Certificate Of Entitlement(COE) Which is about $50,000 for 10years. This means that you pay the government $50,000 to drive a car you bought. Whats more, you pay for road tax, another couple thousands of dollars each year just to cruise on public roads with a speed limit of 90KM/H. How pathetic is that? Overall, you pay about 7times to drive the same car(Including taxes, petrol and parking) with a 90km/h speed limit in Singapore.

Housing in Singapore is not spared as well. An average Joe’s home costs between $150,000-$350,000 for a FLAT the size no larger than1/6 of a football field. Water and electricity bills are high too.

Overall being a Singapore citizen for all my life, I am happy living in Singapore. I enjoy the efficiency of the city and cleanliness of Singapore but I will always live a life restricted by money.

**** I just wanted to shed some light to the foreigners commenting about Singapore. I provided only the unbiased hard facts and I hope that I will not get into trouble with the law for doing so. I did not insult or be rude to my country’s rulers in anyway and I just wanted to state some facts


Stop telling S’poreans how bad other countries are as S’poreans are highly mobile these days, they have eyes to see for themselves.

As a 1st generation PR or new citizen coming from a worse country, not surprise that you will love S’pore at the very first sight but your 2nd generation may not sing the same love song as you on S’pore.


Non-eugenics on September 22, 2010 said:
The fate of Singapore post-LKY is best summarized by the once Perm Sec, Dr Ngiam:

Q. With all this pessimism surrounding Singapore’s prospects today, what’s your personal prognosis? Will Singapore survive Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew?

A. Unequivocally yes, Singapore will survive SM Lee but provided he leaves the right legacy. What sort of legacy he wants to leave is for him to say, but I, a blooming upstart, dare to suggest to him that we should open up politically and allow talent to be spread throughout our society so that an alternative leadership can emerge.So far, the People’s Action Party’s tactic is to put all the scholars into the civil service because it believes the way to retain political power forever is to have a monopoly on talent. But in my view, that’s a very short term view. It is the law of nature that all things must atrophy. Unless SM allows serious political challenges to emerge from the alternative elite out there, the incumbent elite will just coast along.

Some civil servants behave like they have a mandate from the emperor. We think we are little Lee Kuan Yews. SM Lee has earned his spurs, with his fine intellect and international standing. But even Lee Kuan Yew sometimes doesn’t behave like Lee Kuan Yew.


Let me even venture further to say this – IF PAP post LKY do not open up politically and in allowing its citizen more voice/participation in 5 years (or even less) there will indeed be a revolt – people power. It will be a sad day to see the detrimental end of PAP goes down the history flame like that while they still have a chance to remedy it. They are already losing ground /touch with what this generation of young wants if they don’t realized it by now.

Mark my words.



this is how pap countinually reminds the sg ppl.this is how they justify their crack down on political dissendents,.this is how pap cash in on the ppl.simply becoz sg ppl bought on (sink & hook) that their system do u expect progress when u simply refuse to even listen to differing views?

i dun see david marshell’s gov doing all the things lky did.i dun see david marshell’s gov telling ppl that a political party=the gov=the country=SG.

yet i see these kind of indoctrination in lky’s pap.

to those pap(lky) apologist,jus becoz the system benefitted you doesn’t meant it will others too.change is a natural course of things in order for ppl to progress,for ppl to achive a first world status with a first world society.

for the sg ppl,yeah the economy is first world alright,but its society is no different from a 3rd world(think north korea)country.


PAP cyber warrior on December 3, 2010 said:
I think singaporeans will continue to be slaves for the PAP government. Long live the regime!