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Free Virtual Tour of Illegal Squatter Colonies in Sabah.

It’s amazing what you can find on Google Earth. Without getting off my butt, i can “find” so many illegals in Sabah. Cool. BTW, no Road Blocks were set up to hunt them down. 8).

As you can see, some of them are residing on prime locations. Beach fronts, along the highway, within walking distance to City center and best of all, free water, electricity & rental!!!.

KK, Kinarut – the infamous settlement scheme which has mutated into one of the largest illegal squatter colony in Sabah.

kk, Tanjung Aru – What a place to squat. Adjecent to 5-Star Hotel Shanngri-la SPA, Kinabalu Golf Course.

KK, Pulau Gaya – Gazzetted as National Park but allowed illegals to squatter. How ironic. 20 mins to KK City by swimming. 8).

KK, Inanam – Along Tuaran By Pass. Notorious illegal colony. Even the Police dare not to petrol there. so i was told.

KK, Jalan Bundusan – behind Taman Golf View, nice neighbours to live with. 8).

Tawau, Jalan Apas – the whole area from Ice Box to Mile 4, Jalan Apas is infested with illegals. Good luck to you if you happen to accidentally get lost in this area.

Tawau, Mile 4, Apas – what a sight. How were they allowed to mushroom to this size was really not a secret. Most of them are voters!.

Tawau, Ice Box – the most established and famous illegal squatter colony in Sabah. The name sent chill to your bones.

Tawau, Tg Batu – scarely. Has anybody counted their numbers?.

Tawau, Tg Batu – seeing is believing. Tawau is infested with illegals. No hope.

Semporna – a picture tells a thousand words. They are definitely out number the locals.

Sandakan, Sim Sim




Lahad Datu

Lahad Datu

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3 Responses to Free Virtual Tour of Illegal Squatter Colonies in Sabah.
jayzap2008 says:
4 August, 2008 at 9:22 pm
Illegal immigrants in Malaysia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have placed the number of illegal immigrants in the state of Sabah alone in the realm of two million, comprising two-thirds of the state’s population. [3]



In Sabah, it was reported that 800,000 MyKads had been issued to people who eventually left the state. As Indonesians who have citizenship would be classified as Malay under Article 160 of the Constitution, it has been feared that thousands of illegal immigrants not only received privileges meant for Malaysian citizens, such as the right to vote, but also privileges meant for the Bumiputra, which include allocations of public shares, discounts on real estate, etc. [3]

Here is the scary stats.

# 32% Kadazandusuns,
# 4.9% Muruts,
# 0.4% Malays,
# 13.1% Bajaus,
# 23% Chinese,
# 15.8% Other Muslims,
# 5.5% Indonesians, and
# 1.6% Filipinos.

# 17.76% Kadazandusuns,
# 3.3% Muruts,
# 11.48% Malays,
# 13.4% Bajaus,
# 9.6% Chinese,
# 14.62% Other Bumiputras,
# 4.8% Others,
# 25% Non-citizens

jayzap2008 says:
9 August, 2008 at 7:04 pm
SPECIAL REPORT: Sabah’s Project M
Jun 27, 06 1:03pm
It’s an open secret – the number of foreigners in Sabah far exceeded the locals in a span of a few short years. How did it happened? Malaysiakini has the story.

Illegals problem in Sabah like ‘cancer’
Suhakam queries ‘no show’ at Sabah roundtable
IC ‘factories’ cater for illegals in Sabah
WARNING: Illegals can take over Sabah
Suhakam: Illegal immigrants have rights too

20 January, 2007 Daily Express

“After living here for several years, I finally received my Malaysian IC in 1984. At that time, a middleman came to our village to distribute the cards. “I still remember the middleman coming to every house in the village to fill up forms for the IC and collect fees of about RM10 for stamp duty.

One of the documents used to support the IC application was the late birth certificate registration letters,” he said.

Fuad said that once the ICs were ready, the middleman would return to the village to distribute the cards to the residents, who were immigrants and had lived there for a long time.

Earlier, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) secretary-general Radin Malleh had questioned the authencity of ICs with numbers starting from H0288001 to H03840000, involving 96,000 holders; H0480001 to H05760000 (96,000); H0609601 to H0610000 (400); H0658001 to H0658200 (200); H0658401 to H0659000 (600); and H0666001 to H0666400 (400)

Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Deputy Chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan claimed that currently there are 1.7 million foreigners in Sabah, including 600,000 who possessed the Ics.

policinell says:
11 March, 2010 at 7:33 am
I am living in a big country of the western world. Jayzap, better you do not try to come here, if I see you I will chase you as an illegal immigrant (no matter the papers you can produce)