Thursday, December 1, 2011


看到这些政客, 觉得自己当初把大部分子弹射向外国的决定绝对是正确的!---是时候,把50%以上投资转到国外股市了,国外地产了。。。。。。


01 December 2011



Yes I was given 1st Hand Inside News.. So What !!!

When H was trading at 20++ sen I was given the news that it would skyrocket to 60 sen because The N's son would be on board. If I said news, it is really 1st information. Not the news which already tracking down to Macik at wet market.

I was told to buy some even though he knew me that I am always against that source of news. Few days later it shoot passed 80 sen. I told him to be careful.

At the same time, I was told it would be at 1.20 .... I warned him again then again I was told it would be 1.60 sampai lah it reached 2.00. At that point of time I was like " who am I to tell him to be careful, he is making money all the way up from 30 sen to now 2.00 ".

At the same time I was told it would hit 2.50 .... Of course he bought at 30 sen, then 1.10 and then 1.40 which I am not sure in between he did the days trade or not.

After it has be designated ( which we saw lost half its price in matter of days ) , I was again told that the Big Guys would support it at least up to 1.50 ... Yeah Miracle happened it gyrated up from 90 sen to 1.50 ... Then All of sudden, the N's son I dun want to be in board liao... CB ... like that also boleh kah ?

Of course the beloved H dropped from 1.50 to 70++ sen in few days ..... now it is back up again to 1.00++ at the time of writing.... I was speechless when I found out that he is still holding it ? I mean I just can't find the logic to play a game which the rules of the game could be changed by the host anytime ...

It is rather stupid to play it... Of course the ones who make money from this game would laugh at me to say that but I believe majority of the game players are losers and they would come to me and say " damn, you are so right about it from the beginning "....

So am I smart or am I stupid ? .... I just choose not to play the game.... Malaysia Corporate Governance sucks lah .... In fact it is all the same everywhere ....

以上说的是 HARVEST。。。。