Friday, December 9, 2011

arrests continue

Somsak letter reveals 3 new arrests

"King Bhumibol owns many patents after his years of having others do research; he initiates, others do." @Aim_NT

"We love the King but are wondering what he had to say about all the people getting locked up in his name? (LM sec 112 & Computer Crimes Act) @Nganadeeleg

"Man, how come nobody tweets about how they wish they could be reborn for all eternity as the dust under MY feet?" @thai101

"The manipulation of #WeLoveTheKing has just begun. Royalists want the world to notice - but notice what?" @PravitR

"No Royal pardon for lese majeste "offenders"? No surprise. No reconciliation. Nothing has changed. His Majesty the King cannot be criticized" @igorc166

Issue 306

Few had expected the stubborn Thai king to make a birthday speech that would help Thailand's factions reconcile their differences, but Bhumibol's total indifference towards the suffering of Uncle SMS shocked everyone.

Today, the hearts and thoughts of Thai people were not with their selfish old king, but with another grandfather, who was sitting in the prison cell which will be his home for the next twenty years.

Do you think Bhumibol supports lese majeste law?




Don't know

A letter written by Somsak Jeamteerasakul and published in New Mandala reveals that Thailand's government is continuing to arrest lese majeste suspects in secret.

According to Somsak, "2-3 persons in the academic education circles" have been charged with lese majeste offences and summonded to appear in court in the last two months alone.

Somsak Jeamteerasakul
As part of her election promise, Yingluck Shanawatra said she hoped there would be fewer lese majeste arrests, however observers note that the number of secret lese majeste arrests are on the increase.


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