Sunday, April 10, 2011

In 2008, fully realizing it was suffering from massive unpopularity, MCA resorted to the politics of race and fear.....

[2345] SUPP’s version of 1Malaysia

April 11th, 2011 by Hafiz Noor Shams

With SUPP risking a complete wipeout, its political campaign is getting desperate.

Right now, the party is making the same mistake as MCA did in 2008. In 2008, fully realizing it was suffering from massive unpopularity, MCA resorted to the politics of race and fear. The Chinese-based party campaigned that if the Chinese did not vote for MCA, the Chinese would lose representation in the federal government.

In and around Kuching, SUPP is putting up banners repeating that 2008 message.
As the banner roughly goes in Chinese, “if DAP wins all 15 seats, BN will still be the government. If SUPP losses, Chinese will lose representation. Vote wisely.”

That my friends, is the politics of 1Malaysia.


The reality is why people still want SUPP or other BN component parties in Federal Government....Now people want to change to new government!!!

people are selecting new government, who want to bother whether Peter Chin,leo Moggie still grab the Tenaga Nasional Chairman, or Chua Soi Lek, Kong Cuo Har, or what Ng Yen Yen will still in Federal Post or not!!!

So what......

Like Ling Leong Sik, Chan Kong Choi....or Ong Ka Ting and Chow Mi Fun , whether they will in cabinet or not, is nothing special and even not worth to see, to look about!

Representation in cabinet is nothing, as people know that how kuncu-kuncu/close friends of BN are the winner and grabing billions of projects and advantages!

So, who care, whether SUPP, MCA, Gerakan, or even other BN leaders will no more representating in cabinet.............

Reality is with them, the BN can't perform at all
without them, still the same........ so waht???

UBAH, change new government and let Pakatan Rakyat be the new government!

This is the answer...just as whether SUPP, MCA, Gerakan leaders are in cabinet or not is just the same...who are going to afraid of it...what representation are they....just a bunch of fools that fooling all for more than 50 years, 5 decades....

Will you willing to be fooled by these BN morons???????

No, no more umnoing or conning or cheating ............