Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party deputy president Peter Nyarok is in the soup for allegedly uttering not only seditious words。。。。。。

‘Kill the Indian’ remark lands Nyarok in trouble

Joseph Tawie
April 11, 2011

Police report lodged as an edgy Krian incumbent aims his barb at Dr Xavier Jeyakumar and threatens voters with repercussions if not reelected.

KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) deputy president Peter Nyarok is in the soup for allegedly uttering not only seditious words, but threatening a PKR leader from Peninsular Malaysia.

Bungan Ekie, the secretary of PKR Saratok division, has lodged a police report against Nyarok last week at the Saratok police station.

Nyrok, who is defending his Krian seat for the fourth time, was alleged to have said, “nadai guna Tambi nya ditu, temu bunh enggau iya” a day before the nomination day.

Literally it means “useless for the Indian to be here, kill him then he knows”.

Nyarok was referring to the presence of Jeyakumar, a Selangor government exco member, who was in Saratok to give support to PKR candidate Ali Biju in the Krian constituency.

The other candidates vying for the seat are Anthony Liman of Sarawak National Party (Snap) and Banyie Anak Briak, an independent candidate.

Nyarok was also alleged to have uttered similar words when he met face to face with Jeyakumar during the campaign.

Three Tuai Rumah (longhouse chiefs) were present when Nyarok uttered those offensive words. In his report, Bungan urged the police to investigate without fear or favour.

Threatening the voters too

Nyarok, feeling the heat of campaign against him, is warning longhouse chiefs that if their ‘anembiaks’ (followers) choose to vote for the opposition, he will use his ministerial power to withdraw minor rural projects promised to the longhouses.

He is suspicious of every one including civil servants, teachers and pensioners if they do not express their open support for him.

Six civil servants have been transferred from Saratok to other parts of Sarawak as a warning to others. He is also threatening pensioners that their pensions will be withdrawn.

“Nyarok never behaved like this in previous elections. The reason is that he has not kept the many promises he made to the people.

“In the 2006 state election he promised a number of projects including road repair projects in Ulu Krian and sent three trucks to deliver the stones and promised to send more if he were to win the election.

“However, after winning the election, he failed to keep his promises. The stones were removed and taken back,” said Bungan.

He also promised to deliver rubber sheet machines, chainsaws and work tools, but at the end of the day the people did not receive anything.

“All these issues including native customary rights (NCR) land are being raised during the campaign,” said Bungan.

Of the three candidates, Ali Biju poses a strong challenge to the incumbent in the constituency of about 11,000 voters, where Ibans form about 96% of the electorate.

In the last election, Nyarok comfortably defeated his opponent, Stanley Jugol of Snap. He secured 4,784 votes against 2,695 polled by his opponent.